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How does Etimad make your job easy ?

Streamline business processes and enhance operations’ efficiency, Increase efficiency for government tenders and procurement Improve performance according to service level criteria, and ability to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through Data and Business Intelligence capabilities.

Main Services


Provides services for preparing and implementing the annual budget electronically between government agencies and Ministry of Finance, and these services include the work of preparing Revenue Budget, Employement Budget, Expenditures Budget, Budget Transfer and Budget Transfer. In addition to inquire Budget items for General Expenditures, Projects, etc.

- Budget Planning
- Budget Announcement
- Budget Presentment
- Budget Transfer
- Budget Increase

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Tenders & Procurement

Offering multiple services that enable Government entities to manage Gov. Tendering procedures through the platform and complete the procurement cycle electronically starting from Publishing Tenders, Opening Envelopes, Examining Proposals until Awarding.

- Publish Tender's Booklets
- Open Envelopes
- Examin Proposals
- Letter of Guarantee
- Awarding
- Etimad Souq

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Services offered to enable Government entities to manage contracts procedures and complete the cycle electronically starting from Contract Registration until ratification.


- Register Contract
- Ratify Contracts

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Services offered to enable the Government entities to manage payments processes electronically, issue disbursement orders and payment orders, and transfer financial claims to private sector accounts. In addition to many other services.


- Financial Claims
- Petty-cash and Loans
- Financial Status
- Replenish Fund
- Deposits
- Disbursement Orders
- Payment Orders
- Exclusion from Revenue
- Closing Account

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Employees' Financial Services

Services that enable Government entities to manage procedures related to personnel affairs and their financial rights by providing a centralized database of Goverment employees' financial rights in terms of salaries, allowances, bonuses, and any other compensations.

- Submit Payroll Records
- Link Payroll Records with Payment Orders
- Cancel Payroll Records
- Suspend\ Resume Wage Payment
- Payslip Inquiry
- Government Travelling


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Reports and indicators

Reporting and indicators services enable government entities to benifit from business intelligence capabilities to view data and reports that support decision-making. The service helps in analyzing performance and monitoring indicators as well as contributing to financial monitoring and planning.

- Executive Dashboard
- Budget Reports
- Tender and Procurement Reports
- Contracts Reports
- Payments Reports
- Employees’ Financial Services Reports
- Revenues Reports

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