News / 21-10-2022

LCGPA and NCGR signed a cooperation agreement to automate local content procedures in gove ...

The CEO of the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority (LCGPA), Abdulrahman Al-Semari, and the CEO of the National Center for Government Resources Systems (NCGR), Eng. Youssef Al-Harqan, signed a cooperation agreement to automate local content procedures in government procurement by operating and developing the local content portal, and linking it with the electronic platform for government financial services "Etimad". In addition to and providing the necessary technical support and enablers to activate the portal with all its services.

This agreement included eight main clauses: customer service, business analysis, quality assurance, the development of operational infrastructure, addressing technical problems, sharing information, and providing protection from cyberattacks. The NCGR will connect the portal to "Etimad" platform and provide customer service via the NCGR's call center to receive requests, address technical and technical problems, set up and operate infrastructure, and monitor and protect against cyber attacks.

This agreement comes as an activation of Article 5 of the regulation for preferring local content, local small and medium enterprises, and companies listed in the financial market in business and procurement, which stipulates that the LCGPA establishes and manages an electronic portal for local content and is linked to the portal. The purpose is to enable competitors to register, enter data to measure their contribution to local content, submit their obligations to local content to government entities, calculate their contribution to local content, and follow up on its development during the implementation of the contract.