News / 09-03-2023

NCGR Presents its Work at BIBAN 23 Forum

An illustration of the news of the participation of NCGR in Biban 23 Forum

NCGR Presents its Work at BIBAN 23 Forum

The National Center for Government Resource Systems (NCGR) participated in BIBAN 23 Forum, which was hosted by the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority "Monsha'at" at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, from March 9 to 13, 2023, with the theme "Opportunities Create Leadership".

The NCGR, through its participation at the "Empowerment Gate" (BAB ALTAMKEEN), presented and reviewed its work and efforts through the products and services of "Etimad" platform, which aims to create various beneficial effects on the Kingdom's economy. As the NCGR is concerned with providing many solutions through unified and integrated systems aimed at raising the level of quality of electronic services in government financial transactions. Promoting innovation and the use of modern technologies, supporting small and medium enterprises and local content, increasing competitiveness and providing opportunities, improving the experience of beneficiaries. In addition to measuring performance indicators and to standardize procedures and integration between beneficiaries through Etimad platform.

On the sidelines of the forum, an agreement was signed between the NCGR and the Social Development Bank, with the aim of inquiring about data and enabling easy and reliable access to it. Additionally, a workshop on "The Journey of Private Sector Beneficiaries on Etimad Platform" was presented, and many entrepreneurs and interested parties attended.

The National Center for Government Resource Systems participated in the BIBAN 23 forum was as part of the NCGR desire to attend local and international events, exhibitions, and conferences in order to review and present the system of digital solutions it offers, which contribute in the Kingdom's journey toward digital transformation.