News / 12-04-2021

Approval platform that launches the service of raising financial claims for the private se ...

An illustration of the news of the launch of the service of raising financial claims for the private sector
The Ministry of Finance, in partnership with the National Center for Government Resource Systems, announced today the launch of the financial claims service through the “E-Etimad platform”, whereby the service will enable the private sector to implement its projects and financial transactions in accordance with the highest standards of efficiency and transparency as part of the ministry’s efforts to achieve the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.
Assistant Minister of Finance for Financial Affairs Yasser Al-Qahidan explained that the launch of the service comes within the framework of the government's continuing support of the private sector. To enable it to contribute to promoting economic growth to achieve the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, noting that the service reflects the Ministry's values ​​of (transparency, partnership, achievement, and commitment).
The CEO of the National Center for Government Resources Systems, Ahmed Al-Soyan, explained that the benefits of the service are in helping the private sector and the government entity to file a financial claim for contracts, preventing the recurrence of the financial claim from both parties, as well as giving the private sector the opportunity to know the status of the financial claim and enable it to obtain certificates of completion, with Facilitate follow-up procedures for issuing exchange orders and payment of all claims without exception when the justifications for their disbursement are completed in accordance with the terms of the contract. He pointed out that the service of raising financial claims allows the private sector (contractors and suppliers) to submit financial claims directly to government agencies through an approval platform and to complete the procedures of the payment cycle electronically, drawing attention to monitoring performance through service level agreements.
The Etimad platform achieved a quantum leap in the services of competitions, contracts, payments and financial entitlements to employees, revenue collection and other services provided to the beneficiary sectors, reflecting the extent of efforts made to digital transformation of public financial procedures.
The Ministry of Finance called on contractors and suppliers to register and benefit from the service of raising financial claims by visiting the website