News / 02-11-2022

Include the development of "Mashroat" platform to NCGR integrate the services

The National Center for Government Resource Systems (NCGR) signed a joint cooperation agreement with the Expenditure and Project Efficiency Authority (EXPRO) to transfer the developing and operating of the "Mashroat" platform to be included within the NCGR’s system.
The agreement includes the integration of the services of "Etimad" platform with the implementation plan of government projects, the development and operation of technical services for the management of government projects, through the NCGR's business system, in addition to the governance and follow-up of the implementation of government projects.

This agreement also focuses on enhancing data capabilities and supporting decision-making while improving the user experience of government resource systems, increasing efficiency through effective integration between partners, and completing the government resource management cycle in one integrated and effective system.

Moreover, it aims to improve the digital government procurement process and enhance the gains and foundations of the national economy in order to invest the added values of each party in a manner that achieves the public interests of government entities and in a manner that does not contradict the laws, regulations, and systems of the two parties.

It includes several areas, including works that require agreement or coordination between the two parties, which contributes to raising the efficiency of spending and the quality of projects in the digital government as well as the development of the digital economy.